Ranbir Kapoor comments on Urfi Javed's fashion sense :-

Ranbir Kapoor comments on Urfi Javed's fashion sense

The pictures of celebrities' outfits were shown with faces covered. A picture of Urfi Javed or Uorfi Javed appeared too. When Kareena Kapoor Khan showed him the picture on the placard, she mentioned, 'I think you know who this person is.' And Ranbir rightly guessed that the picture was of Urfi Javed. He tried to be diplomating by saying he is not a big fan of such fashion but if someone is comfortable in his/her own skin then there is no harm. He said, "I am not a big fan of this kind of fashion. But I believe that we are living in a world today where if you are comfortable in your skin…". But Ranbir was cut by Kareena who asked him whether he finds it 'good taste' or 'bad taste'. The Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar actor said, 'bad taste'. 

Urfi Javed's sense of fashion has been a point of discussion for a long. Many stars like Ranveer Singh, Masaba Gupta and others have praised her for being edgy. There have been some who disapprove of her fashion sense too. Guess Ranbir is one of them. From glass pieces to flowers, Urfi Javed has made an outfit using everything and anything under the sun. She has earned praises from Kangana Ranaut too.