Kapil Sharma New Movie Zwigato Movie Review

Such a heartwarming performance by a man who has been making this country's audience laugh for so many years. Kapil Sharma plays the role of a common man with whom every person will relate at some point or the other in Zwigato. Shahana Goswami has done complete justice to the subtlety with which Nandita Das has introduced the silent support that women provide as equal pillars of a simple family by caregiving, absorbing their partner's stresses and also stepping out of the house to support the family financially (and also for themselves their own identity). Some may find the story slow but it is in those slow mundane moments that we will see how a working class person battles and parallelly lives with complicated overarching issues of religion, class and caste. As far as the question of abrupt ending is concerned, - Spoiler Alert - the happy ending can be found in the fact that he let his male ego aside and accepted that his wife has the same intentions as his in wanting to pursue a job. And that together, they are happier, stronger, better and more resilient in dealing with the challenges of life no matter how rich or poor they are/will be. This movie is a silent recognition and request to respect and empathise with an invisible working class that bears the burden of running our cities while simultaneously dealing with an ongoing employment crisis, inflation and social & gender justice.

man works as a food delivery rider, grappling with the world of ratings and incentives. To support the income, his homemaker wife begins to explore different work opportunities, with fear but also excitement of a new found independence.

After losing his job as a factory-floor manager during the pandemic, Manas (Kapil Sharma) becomes a driver for a food-delivery app called Zwigato. With a familiar rectangular backpack, he zips around Bhubaneswar on his motorcycle, steering through another day of inconvenient obstacles and impatient customers. To help make ends meet, his wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami) applies for a job as cleaning staff at a mall, brushing off the potential hassles of work life for an independent experience outside the home. Manas isn't pleased, but it isn't long before the strain of his daily grind begins to take a toll and he's forced to confront his old fashioned ideas about being the breadwinner...